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About mapstovideo

Adventure Unveiled: Crafting Travel Videos Inspired by Exploration and Active Pursuits

Passionate about globe-trotting and outdoor activities like cycling, running, and hiking, I founded a platform merging travel with diverse pursuits.

Our website generates captivating travel videos, celebrating the essence of adventure found outdoor activities. It's more than sightseeing; it's about self-discovery and connecting with nature.

Users compile their footage into professionally crafted videos, reliving their adventures and inspiring others to embrace the outdoors. Join us in celebrating adventure and exploration, one frame at a time.

Cycling in Germany

Cycling through France


We were cycling through the north of France in the middle of nowhere. It was very hot and we passed through a tiny village that had only a few houses. We took a rest on a bench in the shadow of a big tree in front of the church.

A lady came to us. She offered us coffee and chocolate served on a tray. "I think you can use this. Just put it in front of my house when you leave."

"Bon courage et bon voyage"


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